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Back to the topic of the “art of trolling”. Has anybody seen black worm from call of duty black operations? This guy knows how to troll really well. Basically how Black Ops two is constructed allows for someone to take advantage of the perk system and create a little mini fortress you should watch one of his videos and your get the general idea what he does.

He gets a shotgun uses that as his primary weapon finds a location where there is limited access. Maybe one door and one window and then puts a riot shield in the floor and stays camping and he uses his shotgun on any potential victims unfortunate enough to walk past. He uses scavenger obviously and claymores so he always has claymores out on the floor. Hopefully someone will trip over that and he’ll get a kill for free. run out get the ammo pack and use a claymore again.

Eventually he will get enough points to buy more and more products like a sentry gun which will be positioned at the entrance. The victims get increasingly frustrated return to the scene of the crime looking for revenge and met with running increasingly impressive arsenal of weapons and meet their demise. Again, the cycle continues with the victim getting increasingly frustrated and wanting to have revenge on black worm usually by this time, black worm will have another sentry gun and also a microwave which causes damage in the area affects whilst constantly replenishing claymore mines from each successful kill he gets.If your wanting to look at free browser games check out our post on wartune.

This is an incredibly frustrating situation for other players, but incredibly successful strategy for black worm who frequently gets incredibly high scores using this very tactic now you may be thinking it would be very easily to throw a grenade in the room and blow up black worms equipment, but he also has a trophy system in place which destroys grenades before they blow his impenetrable fortress. To make matters worse of Xbox live chat He constantly deals insults to his victims, which causes a perpetual anger and seeking to revenge, which just guarantees people come back and usually meet the same fate.

You should watch some of his videos. There are incredibly funny and illustrates that developers should pay a bit more attention to the perks and how they can be used in an all powerful situation such as the one illustrated above’s worm nation. It’s incredibly easy to have a go yourself If you have all the ulocks. It’s very funny But not if you’re on the receiving end.