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I remember the first time I ever played command and conquer the original. This to me was the first time I played any real-time strategy games. It was one of the first developed by Westwood Studios dune 2000 came before command and conquer, but I never played it, and it was only by coincidence, that I played commanding conquer. I remember buying PC Gamer Magazine and it had a demo CD, on the demo CD was command and conquer at the time I was very young and did not on my own a personal computer. But my dad worked for a software engineering company. Fortunately for me he had a spare computer that I could try the game on. I think I just tried every game on the CD without knowing what any game was. I played commanding conquer without knowing what was in store for me. I was immediately hooked and played the game completely different from how would you expect to play today. As I didn’t my own computer I went to a friends house who did and I showed him commanding conquer the Demo, I think the Demo on the CD contained three levels, with only one proper level with base building and complete freedom. I played that level, non-stop for about a week and I remember his father coming back with a present one day, which was command and conquer the full game. Needless to say we will both exceptionally happy and played the game an awful lot that summer I don’t know if it was because it was the first time I have played a RTS, but I was very involved in command and conquer the gameplay seemed to be very well balance and the characters were amazing.

I still remember when Seth was executed by Kane and we had our first introduction to Kane that moment will never leave me in gaming history. I don’t think anyone else would use the same approach as I did, but I used to sandbag my base completely because the enemy AI never used to shoot sand bags that surrounded your base with sandbags they could not attack your base. It was a very very primitive strategy to someone who knew no better. I played that game and incredible amount of time during summer and I remember talking to one of my friends at school about it and he said the covert operations expansion had a little secret, and it that was you could fight against dinosaurs at the time I thought he was lying. It would be far too cool if you could fight against dinosaurs in command and conquer, but he was right. There was a Easter egg in the game where you could pick your GDI forces against velociraptors and a tyrannosaurus rex. I was truly staggered it was amazing for someone still at school to play favourite game against some of his favourite creatures very good times.